Saturday & Sunday 10am- 4pm



Fresh Pastry
Baked fresh for your brunching pleasure. Your server will share details.    v


Fruit & Granola
local honey & yogurt    vg+

Simply Scrambled*
with toast & jam    gf+

Seasonal vegetables & fresh herbs with a side salad.    vg+

Spicy stewed tomatoes, charred peppers & onions, poached egg, feta, black olives & toasted pita.    vg+,gf+

Indian spiced scrambled eggs, onions, garlic, chilies, tomatoes, cilantro & toast.    gf+

Vegetable Akoori
Indian spiced vegetables, onions, garlic, chilies, cilantro & toast.    vg, gf+

Devil's Smoke
Smoked fish deviled eggs, smoked paprika & fried capers with toast.     gf+


Dark Rye & Lox
Rye toast, poached egg, cured salmon, whipped goat cheese, pink peppercorn, dill & preserved lemons.    gf+


French Toast
Cinnamon brioche bread, seasonal compote & hand whipped cream.    v

Dutch Baby
Seasonal compote & hand whipped cream, *15 min order    v

Mac & Cheese
With greens & mushrooms.    v
Add chorizo, onion, chilies & cilantro +4


Shrimp & Grits
Gouda grits, bell pepper, tomato, egg, pickled vegetables & chorizo in white wine butter sauce.    gf+




Fresh Greens
Mixed greens, seasonal fruit or berries, preserved lemon, goat cheese, herb vinaigrette & sunflower seeds.    vg+

farm fresh greens, parmesan, brioche in the hole, white anchovies    gf+

Brunch Sandwiches

Served with house salad or fruit OR mac & cheese.
Add bacon, chorizo, sausage or chicken sausage


Egg Sandwich
Over easy egg, cheddar, greens, crème fraiche & pickled onions on house baked English muffin.    v

Calabrian Egg Sandwich
spreadable, spicy chorizo, over easy egg, crème fraiche, greens, parmesan, house challah bun.


House cured bacon, fried egg, mixed greens, tomatoes, spicy miso-mayo, buttermilk white bread.    v+

Local farm raised beef, tomato jam, onions, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, house brioche bun.


*Substitute egg whites

gf - most of our dishes are gluten free

gf+ - gluten free with modification

v -  vegetarian
vg - vegan

vg+ - vegan with modification